Small Spaces

I am moving my entire life into two small storage containers and a van.

Two kids, two cats, one mom and one van. I’ll be sure to update you on our adventures. We don’t plan on going across Canada or down to California or any of those things that people normally do when they move into a van. We’ll largely be continuing in our normal daily lives. The idea is to get us outside and connected to our community instead of our house. To test the social boundaries of what is accepted as normal and break down conventions. I recently signed up for a post office box. I made the mistake of mentioning that we would no longer have a residential address at the end of the month. The postal worker said after trying to nail down where I was staying, “Well your not living in your car.”
To which I responded, “Well no, a van.” She didn’t have further comment.

My dad says “Go for it.”
My mom says “Where are you going to put your stuff?”
I thank the universe for my parents and continue packing.

The question that will soon be answered is what is the bare minimum you need to function within ‘normal’ society?