Summer Reading

When the warm weather rolls around I tend to leave behind my heavy winter reading and take up some ‘lighter’ material. I toss a book in with the picnic basket and catch a couple chapters here and there while the kids play on the beach or at the park. It’s too hard to read non-fiction in fits and spurts like these and so here is the start of my summer reading material…

Well thanks to one of my co-workers I recently finished the four book Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy trilogy by Douglas Adams. I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed these books and their nonsensical/perfectly logical take on the universe.

I was also surprised at the degree to which the movie I’d already seen stayed true to the first book. Of course there were incongruities but for the most part it followed the book to a ‘t’.


I also finished another very silly book by Tom Robbins. Villa Incognito is a story about a badger, a circus, the US government, the drug trade and a small community in Laos. A myriad of literary fact and fiction Robbins continues to delight the light hearted reader with this book.

I enjoyed it, you might too if you happen across it.