Favorite Essential Oil Blends

I have been using essential oils in my home as a natural way to keep me and my family healthy and balanced since long before it was trendy. Before the days of DoTerra and Young Living there was a gorgeous store in my home town called Sage which sold essential oils, diffusers and a few select blends. That was decades ago.

Fast forward to today and the internet is filled with recipes, remedies and recommendations for oils to use in your home. Long ago Sage published an amazing little brochure that had everything you might ever want to know about essential oils on a legal size sheet of cardstock. That brochure was folded in my medicine cabinet for many many years before I spilled a carrier oil on it and the lettering slowly started to fade. I wrote the company asking if they perhaps still made the brochure and if I could buy one. I had referenced it so many times over the years I couldn’t really imagine my life without it. They informed me that alas due to legal restrictions on “medical” advice they were no longer allowed to publish the brochure. (more…)