Dear Crayola…

Please stop making gimmicky felts that my children lose interest in almost immediately. It’s wasteful and makes me sad. Stick to what you are good at and cardboard containers only please. Thanks.

These include the felts that are ‘invisible’ except when you draw on special paper, the felts that you ‘twist’ up to color with instead of putting a cap on, the felts that you press to another felt inside that makes it a different color, the felts that change (more…)

A Day at the Fair

While it may seem slightly contradictory to pretty much everything I believe in and stand for my kids and I went to the fair when it was in town this weekend. Like all good adventures we didn’t plan on it it just sort of happened. We were looking for something to do on a Sunday after 4-H, our hike plans bailed and we were feeling kind of lazy one of the 4-Hers mentioned that she was going to the fair that afternoon and so….up the hill we went.