Saving Seeds.

Around this time of year many communities now celebrate Seedy Saturday a local exchange of seeds collected by backyard gardeners and small scale farmers. Only a few short years ago I remember Seed Saturday being a tiny gathering that likely meant a long day cooped up in some tiny community hall (the packing house in my hometown) with grandmothers who gardened to save on the grocery bill before it was the ‘in’ thing to do. Today it’s a highly publicized, busy event that hosts workshops, demonstrations and seeds from all sorts of people.

It is encouraging to say the least. Sort of. (more…)

Concerning Cows

I now know why cattle farmers never seem to particularly ‘like’ cows. It always struck me as odd that you would be engaged with an animal every day and seem to have no attachment to it. But now I get it. I don’t like cows. They are dumb and difficult.

Recently up at our practice farm a bull was dropped off. The intention being that he would breed with our milking cow so that we get a calf and milk next year. This was the thought and intention. The bull however within 10 minutes of unloading him had taken out about 6 of our fences and didn’t show any signs of stopping. (more…)

Thought for Food

This is an excerpt from a very good book that anyone who cares about their food ought to give a read:

“Can you think of any sector of our culture that promotes its wares with a slogan like ‘we pile it high and sell it cheap’? Any other sector of our economy would commit suicide with such a slogan…except for food. Why is that? I submit that we as a culture completely disrespect the 3 trillion critter in our digestive tract that cry out for quality of life while we cram quantity of junk down their collective gullet.

Putting Gardens to Bed

With the change of each season there is a new set of tasks and jobs and projects that arises. Shortly before the frost hit my girlfriend and I filled out pockets with paper bags and with a pencil behind my ear we wandered through her yard gathering seeds that will Read more…

Grow your own!

I am jealous. I will admit it. This fellow blogger grew her own popcorn. She has a small garden at home and grows as much of her own produce as she can. I have posted in the past about the Dervaes Family who have steadily worked at transforming this ordinary Read more…

Homegrown Revolution

A while ago I came across this trailer about a family living in the middle of suburbia who is literally self sufficient. Infact they grew 45 tons of vegetables on their typical suburban lot! It truly is amazing and inspiring. I have planted a garden this year that won’t come Read more…