Urban Homestead

One of the many problems with living alone is that you don’t have anyone to bounce ideas off of. You can do whatever you want in an instant and the only flack you’ll get is from you. This can be good or it can be bad. Like when you decide to have 15 yards of gravel delivered maybe a second opinion is a good idea. Maybe 10 would be lots.

And those life choices that you make the plans for the future, the goals. They are more fun achieved with someone, or maybe it is just easier to stay on course when more than one of you is in it. You’ve had the discussion, you’ve made the decision. You’re doing it. (more…)

Putting Gardens to Bed

With the change of each season there is a new set of tasks and jobs and projects that arises. Shortly before the frost hit my girlfriend and I filled out pockets with paper bags and with a pencil behind my ear we wandered through her yard gathering seeds that will Read more…

Homegrown Revolution

A while ago I came across this trailer about a family living in the middle of suburbia who is literally self sufficient. Infact they grew 45 tons of vegetables on their typical suburban lot! It truly is amazing and inspiring. I have planted a garden this year that won’t come Read more…