Home Grown Ginger

I’ve heard that you can grow ginger in your house. Since I really like ginger and I know no one who grows it I think that perhaps the thing I’d like to try growing is some ginger. I found this really great information from a google search today:


I bought a house!

Whew. After almost 4 years of searching and being indecisive I finally got off the pot and did it. I committed. I tied myself down. I moved all my stuff out of storage and into my very own home. The plan is to not move again until my kids are out of elementary school at least.
With a move there are always projects. The things you want to do to make better, make it livable or just make it yours. My project list is long at moment. Daunting even for a single mom to tackle on her own. Thankfully I do have friends and hopefully they will want to help. (more…)