Finding a way by making it

I need an outlet and have a need to share with the world the story and evolution of my path to a simpler, more whole and lighter way of living. Posts in this category will be about that journey, the choices we make, the reasons why, the conflicts I face and the trials and triumphs of choosing to live differently.

I think that I always had a desire for something different. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was about 9 so I think that sorta says something. Over the years the desire to not eat animals has evolved into a desire to live more lightly on the planet. I think that if we all looked a little more closely at the choices we made in our day to day lives we would find a lot of ways that we could maybe change to be less impactful and more connected.

For me it centers around food. We have no choice but to consume it so it makes sense to start there. I have two young children and for me raising them with an awareness of where their food comes from and how it affects their bodies is extremely important. I brought up two cloth diapered babies without ever buying a single jar of baby food but that can be a subject for another post. Now that they are older and have a lot more say in what goes into their bodies I struggle with feeding them balanced healthy diets in a world that is full of quick ‘tasty’ food that they think they would rather be eating.

Welcome to my kitchen and the stories of what goes on within it!