Sound is Slightly Subjective

Ok that is a gross understatement. Music is highly subjective.
A realization hit me yesterday after a random conversation with one of the artists here at Break Out West. Music is one of the MOST subjective things that we will ever experience and share. As a music reviewer my job is almost impossible because of that simple fact. We all look for different things in music, enjoy different genres and have affinities for different instruments. Just because I look for prowess on the keys in a band I really like doesn’t mean that it has to be there for a group to be good. Nor does it mean that someone else is going to like it because of that.

Sure there are some commonalities and perhaps even that rare group that reaches out to a wide range of audiences but for the vast majority of musicians they are going to appeal to a narrow fan base which will hopefully be large enough to spread the word and cast the net a little farther. As I am traveling around these venues, taking in shows and talking with the artists I realize with new appreciation what a leap of faith, love and passion it is to make music, put yourself out there and hope that people like it.

Good on you folks. Keep it up. Some of us are listening.