Taxes on Used Goods

Recently our Provincial government instituted a tax on used vehicles.

The tax is automatic so that when you insure a vehicle with ICBC the tax is automatically applied according to their book value for the car you just purchased. Regardless of what you paid for said car the tax is applied.

Now I would love to hear the economic reasoning behind why taxing the sale of used goods benefits the everyday citizen and is an essential part of our commerce system.

Because it kind of just feels like a tax grab to line the pockets of politicians and government contracts. Maybe I’m wrong.

I signed and posted the petition someone started to repeal the tax.

It is unlikely this is going to happen since no one is getting paid to reverse legislation while there are many getting paid to create it.

Things like this make me wish I had known what a Policy Analyst was when I was in school so I could have made some actual change instead of just keeping the books balanced for financial corporations.