Urban Homestead

One of the many problems with living alone is that you don’t have anyone to bounce ideas off of. You can do whatever you want in an instant and the only flack you’ll get is from you. This can be good or it can be bad. Like when you decide to have 15 yards of gravel delivered maybe a second opinion is a good idea. Maybe 10 would be lots.

And those life choices that you make the plans for the future, the goals. They are more fun achieved with someone, or maybe it is just easier to stay on course when more than one of you is in it. You’ve had the discussion, you’ve made the decision. You’re doing it.

All that goes on with me on my own but it’s different somehow. Discussion with yourself is notoriously one-sided. It leaves a lot of room for doubt, second guessing, uncertainty if you made the right choice.

What do I ultimately want? What is my perfect picture? Community and hens in my backyard. That’s pretty much it. I don’t really care a whole lot where that takes place, I’d even prefer it in the city. I think that we could serve as role models to the rest of the community on a different way to live.
Granted it is hard to do the large scale building and workshops on a city lot but that is where most of Western civilization lives.

I want someone who lives in my house who takes care of the vegetable gardens. That is their primary role. By caring for the gardens they feed all of us and reduce our need to rely on income to do that. Freeing all of our resources to other things.

I would truly like to care for some animals. A few chickens, goats, rabbits move their pens daily. Building their shelter, seeing over hay and storage. I’d really like to start up a goat lawn mowing business. Milk goats, nesting hens, even breeding rabbits. Perhaps River and I can suck up our loving natures to kill bunnies.

A foodie. A kitchen/canning/bread making wizard/scientist. Perhaps that same person is our cook. Much love to that person.

We’d need a housewife.  Someone to make the home beautiful. An artist perhaps. They could paint on random walls if they felt inspired and would ensure that everyone minded their space, keeping common areas tidy and free of clutter.

No one who lives in the house has a conventional 9-5 job. Our income is self derived. Our costs are low and so our income can be as well, freeing us to explore our ability to sustain ourselves.


That is what I want to do.


Buying a Property

3 bedrooms just for me and the kids! The kids can share rooms with other children of course.

Neighbours – identify who might cause issue. This is important especially with livestock.
Water – sources – useage
Power – collection, creation
Heating – economy – lined chimney – ability to convert to wood
Location – Walk/Bike/transit – Reasonable property taxes