We are all consumers of our earths resources.

We understand the intricate connections that form the web of life that sustains us.

It is time for us to use full cycle thinking and planning in all of our ventures. Full cycle means from beginning to end and back to beginning again; just as the seasons repeat and the sun rises again and again everything we put out into the world comes back to us. Energy is neither created nor destroyed; I would argue nothing is; It is simply transformed.

The inputs and outputs of any form of resource extraction must be considered, calculated and weighed. From the vegetables in your garden and the water in your neighborhood to manufacturing to large scale industries like mining and oil extraction.

How we think about projects determines their outcomes.

It is time for a mindset shift.

Our technology owes ecology an apology

Alan M. Eddison


The air we breathe is the foundation of our life force.

A breath of fresh air can restore inner peace; it can calm the mind, restore the body and heal the soul.


Our water is the carrier of tiny particles of nourishment.

Water is what sustains life on this planet and our bodies are roughly 60% water.


The land is our connection to source and to spirit.

The very food we eat comes directly from the land and our relationship to it is a reflection of our connection to ourselves.

I am a reasonably intelligent, moderately educated accountant turned outdoor educator, wannabe farmer and avid gardener. My life experience has allowed me to have conversations with professionals from all walks of life; Those perspectives combined with an insatiable curiosity, a library card and a propensity towards asking hard questions means I have delved deeply into a wide range of subjects.

I believe in Heaven on Earth.

I believe we are the gardeners in our own Eden.

I am grateful to live a beautiful, modest life.

I believe human beings have a unique capacity to create beauty in this world.

I am concerned about the way people today have learned to interact with the environment.

The climate change debate is irrelevant and a distraction from the real point.

We ALL need clean air, clean water and healthy soils to survive and to thrive.

Let’s stop arguing and start collaborating.

I believe a foundation built on these three simple values will change our world.