Sound is Slightly Subjective

Ok that is a gross understatement. Music is highly subjective. A realization hit me yesterday after a random conversation with one of the artists here at Break Out West. Music is one of the MOST subjective things that we will ever experience and share. As a music reviewer my job is almost impossible because of that simple fact. We all look for different things in music, enjoy different genres and have affinities for different instruments. Just because I look for…

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Building a Home not a House

Somewhere along the road the construction of a house fell away from the hands of those who would live in it. At some point it was deemed that we could no longer be trusted that it was in our best interest to build a safe and sturdy house. Regulations were brought in along with contractors and codes and the home owner or home dweller was pushed out. These days you can’t even build a house without getting a piece of…

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