As a hobby naturalist with a lifelong interest in the environment coupled with a diverse educational background in accounting & finance, web development & marketing, human development & psychology as well as environmental history Krystal brings a broad scale viewpoint to any issue. This unique and realistic perspective of the complexities of modern life provides policy and decision makers with insight into how they can develop sustainable solutions that move their organizations toward a more resilent tomorrow.

Her professional superpower is a well-balanced approach to solving problems.
She is a creative, outside-the-box thinker who can support small businesses in designing sustainable solutions and spaces that enrich the lives of their staff, clients and community.

I am a land use advocate.

I believe the decisions we make about land use policy deeply affect our lives.

I am passionate about the way our relationship to the land shapes our relationships to ourselves.

I believe transformation begins with us and the choices we make about how we live, what we eat, how we raise and educate our children and how we design our cities.

To create a world in which we are truly free requires each of us to be the best people we can be and ask hard questions about the choices we make as individuals, community members and leaders.

Real-world solutions require thoughtful, broad scale financial analysis, solid risk assessment, strategic land use planning and capacity building. Putting humanity back into corporate culture involves innovation.

I love to engage in deep thoughtful discussions about how the trappings of modern society keep us from expressing our greatest gifts and human potential.