Well mini-harvest. We didn’t really grow a lot this year being that most of the spring was spent shoveling compost and rocks. But the yard is largely done and looks great (minus the giant pile of rocks left over).

What I did plant was a bed of potatoes which did extremely well. I didn’t weigh the few early potatoes I pulled up but the fall harvest was 40lbs! Out of one bed. That is darn near our annual needs at this point this makes me very happy.

We also did some beans and pumpkins. This year was a terrible year for pumpkins seasoned growers told me theirs didn’t do well which makes me a little bit happier about the three sugar pumpkins I did manage to get off the seriously neglected vines. The beans all came up but no fruit, I think they got strangled in a weird vine type weed I fought all season long.

The strawberry patch did really well and we were still picking strawberries until a couple weeks ago. I planted a dozen ever-bearing plants (I think we may have lost two) which were yielding a small basket of berries every week ALL SUMMER. Fantastic.

Our black current got eaten by a slug. It is still alive but not sure if it will thrive as I had hoped. I may have to stake out the corner of the yard if I want to correct that. There is a white concord grape nearby that will eventually go up a large arbour and patio surrounding the back of the house. It didn’t have as much growth as I would have liked but apparently that is normal? We shall see.

The herb flowers did well with almost all of my seeds coming up. I unfortunately had issues with the neighbour and had to move all the plants to the back yard. This killed off the chamomile which I learned is a very delicate plant. The calendula was true to form and my daughter just picked a bunch for a face salve she wanted to make. The cornflower came up strong and took every where I moved it. It has little use but I love it and it is safe for salads.  Bergamot came up but no sign of flowers. I suspected that it was too cold here for it and I might be right. It might be one that has to go in after surrounding areas are established and keeping the soil warm.

The holly hocks in the back came up and got nice and tall but the ones in the front did not. I don’t know if they are second season flowering or what but will have to see if they come back next year.

I have a very shaded side garden that I seeded with arugula and lettuce but the seed was over 3 years old and didn’t come up. The few seeds from that side garden that did come up were extremely ‘leggy’ and weak. I was not impressed. The transplants seem to have done fine but little flowering and little growth. Nothing died but it didn’t thrive either.

I planted many more things but will wait to comment and see if they return in their places (or new places) next year.

I also planted garlic in the end of the potato bed from last year. I couldn’t find any good information on succession planting after potatoes so garlic it is. We’ll see how it does. I planted beautiful garlic from some friends. The plan is to seed carrots and maybe even some beets in with the garlic in spring.

I’ve put all four raised beds to bed under a thick blanket of leaves and straw the cover seems to do wonders for keeping the soil moist and soft. Which means less digging come spring!!

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