I have had a truck for sale for the past few months. The truck doesn’t run and has been sitting since I moved here. It successfully got my horses here and hasn’t started since. Well for me anyway. Apparently it will start if you lay a screwdriver over the solonoid. What does salmon have to do with my truck you might ask?
The other day a guy called me up about the truck and I said I’d be happy to show it to him. He went out, I never made it but he did see the truck. He said if I still had it on Monday he’d give me 200 bucks for it. Sounds good to me, except he never called and I began to worry about what the heck I was going to do come winter when I had to park two trucks. Fast forward to this past Thursday and the guy calls me, he is a man of few words but he did track down my phone number which apparently he lost. He asks if I might be interested in a trade. Since I am in the bartering business as it were I am all ears. He has salmon. Oh? Fresh salmon that he caught yesterday.
How many?
How big?
I dunno.
Tonight I sit eating one of the most delicious fish I have ever tasted. Also one of the biggest I have ever prepared. They are beautiful sacred salmon and I couldn’t feel more rich for having opportunity to be gifted them. What could be better than being provided for by providing for others? It is my most sincere hope that my truck is good to Leo. It served me well while I was using it and I trust with some care and attention it can do the same for him. I hope he knows and is open to how grateful I am for the gift of these beautiful pink fish that I would otherwise not take opportunity to enjoy. Gratitude wells inside me for this beautiful land and these plentiful waters which gift us such riches. And to the fish whose lives I take into me to become my own. I feel that with this food more than much of what I eat. It nourishes me body, mind and soul.

With Metta.