I have a cellar! The house that I recently moved into is VERY old. How old I don’t know but pre second world war easily.  And of course as such it has a root cellar as all houses should. I am thrilled. I grew up with a cold room and for those of you who don’t know a cold room is a room that essentially sits ‘outside’ of a houses normal structure and foundation, much like a cellar of old but more integrated into the actual home. I digress we had a cold room and stored lots of good stuff in it.

It has been something that I have missed in all the houses I have been in since. If I wasn’t sold on the charm and character of this home before I went into the cellar the deal was sealed when I went down those stairs.

Now I am enjoying the fact that I have somewhere appropriate to store my preserves. So far in the cellar is a box of apples, a bag of rice and a flat of canned peaches. I will be sure to post a picture at the end of the harvest when it has been filled for winter!

Some future additions I am considering are salsa and dehydrated tomatoes, a huge sack of potatoes and some vegetables I haven’t really thought of what though. I did pickles years ago and failed miserably it seems that all the pickling cukes this year are quite large and just don’t appeal to me. I scored a pressure canner at a garage sale this year so I would like to try some vegetables now that I have the ability to properly preserve them and my soup can be canned now instead of frozen! Hooray!

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