We are still picking raspberries. My God. Still. I need a scale to weigh just how many kilos of raspberries we’ve picked. A bloody lot. Raspberries, berries in general do not travel well and by the time the bucket is full and the berries are rinsed they are pretty much mush. Which makes good fruit leather and that is what we have been making.
Note to self: Wax paper is not a good substitute for a fruit leather tray in the dehydrator.
Second note to self: purchase additional fruit leather trays.

Apricots have come ripe and we are now picking boxes upon boxes of them. I love apricots because the kids can pit them. We are far too busy during the summer to deal with even more fruit and so the kids will put them, pack them into freezer bags and freeze them until fall when I get out the canner and make chutney. I discovered a couple years ago that apricot jam and my friends curry spice blend makes an amazing chutney. Which is great because aside from my grandmother I don’t think anyone likes apricot jam.

Sour cherries are ripe now thank goodness those will be picked by someone else. Also currants and saskatoons. I am more of a sweet fruit kinda girl and don’t particularly like to pack my freezer with anything (trying my best to foster off the grid habits) but frozen currants are pretty darn tasty. They seem to make decent, if bitter raisins. We’ll see how those go.

Hrm what else. The bull has gone home, thank God. The chicks are growing, and eating, like crazy though they are continuing to die. I expanded their territory to consist of the entire raspberry patch so now I am pecked occasionally while I am picking raspberries. The sound of the chicks clucking and chirping away is very peaceful while I’m picking.

The green house is doing well and the tomatoes and peppers are on their way. Had we gotten them going sooner we’d be eating them right now. A pumpkin I buried has sprouted and there are about 3 pumpkin plants growing over top of my strawberries which is kinda cool. The sunflowers are up and looking beautiful though I feel like there should be beans climbing up them.

We are off to the coast to pick wild blackberries this weekend and go on a bit of an adventure. Passports are in hand and the bike rack is on the car.