I have taken a step back from canning in recent years in search of less energy intensive ways to preserve my harvest. However that simple life I was looking for got a little complicated over the summer and I wound up putting an entire tree of apricots into the freezer.
A couple years ago I discovered that my friends Garden Curry Spice Blend mixed into a jar of apricot jam made what was quite possibly the tastiest chutney ever. So I decided that this year my Solstice gifts would be comprised of chutney, rice and a curry blend made by yours truly. Cheap, tasty and well fun! I love Indian food. This weekend I finally got around to canning the apricots and making the chutney. As I write this I realize what I did wrong because it didn’t turn out as tasty as I remembered it, sweetness. I forgot to add honey. Whoops. It’s still tasty but lacks that oh-my-god deliciousness that existed in my previous experiment. Whoops.
Don’t fear though because there is more than enough sweetness in my homemade root beer to go around. 1kg of it to be precise. Melted gently into my tincture of roots and herbs. I’ve been working on the concoction and think I might be getting close to that perfect root beer flavor. Of course everyone likes their root beer a little different so what works for me isn’t my kids favorite and we’ve had to do a bit of compromising to make it work. The third go around is in bottles in front of the heater by the end of the month we’ll know how we did.

I’ve been modifying based on recipes from the following sites:

Happy brewing!