Tomorrow is market day which means that I go through my produce drawers and clear out my veggies to make way for the delicious new produce that awaits me in the morning. In the summer this usually means a huge salad and tonight is no exception.

I was already out of greens so I sent my daughter into the back yard for lettuce and here is what was in the bottom of my fridge. Most vegetables can go into a salad if they are cut appropriately.

  • baby carrots
  • salad turnips
  • radishes
  • beets (I didn’t manage to use all of these)
  • green onions

I also had a zucchini which I diced and added to our last jar of salsa from last summer along with some diced garlic scapes.

Everything went into a picnic basket and we headed to the park for the evening!

Our salsa looked something like this one from Love and Lemons. We enjoyed it with some organic corn chips.