This past Tuesday I helped a friend of mine with a bit of an experiment. She harvested all of the greens from her mother’s garden and instead of freezing them she is going to try drying them to store instead. We have a lot of the same mindsets when it comes to food storage. The main one being that we would like to rely less on our deep freezes and more on our pantry’s or cold rooms.

We washed and towel dried kale, swiss chard, arugula and beet greens. We both agreed that our main focus is on the kale and chard as these are the most likely to dry and store well. Lighter salad type greens I just don’t think have the substance to hold up for any length of time. Her inspiration for this project was comfrey. She has been harvesting and drying comfrey leaves for years to use over the winter in case of emergency. When you have four children emergencies tend to happen in higher frequency so it is necessary to continue the practice. Anyone who has dried a comfry leaf knows that they store remarkably well. 2 min in a little dish of warm water and you have an almost identical version of what you would have done with the fresh leaf.

I will head over to visit later this week and see how the project is turning out. We filled her honey house with greens and put the heat up over night with a small fan for ventilation. The hope was that we would be able to dry the greens faster and reduce spoilage.