The other day I wanted to make a craft involving acorn tops which has evolved into a whole project, you gotta love life for that, why don’t I home-school again? Anyway first I had to find an ‘acorn’ tree which the kids learned is actually an Oak tree and several of them grow near the hospital where we live. We spotted them on the way to school the other day they are the only trees left with leaves on them, which is why I noticed.

Today we remembered to make the detour and went for a little stroll. I just wanted the tops and assumed that squirrels would have made short work of whatever nuts had fallen. Apparently I was wrong. Soon I had two kids filling their pockets with as many acorns as they could get their little hands on. Can we eat these Mom? Do you have to cook them? Can you look it up when we get home?  (seriously I start home-school next month)

My son went to work shelling while I chatted on the phone and demanded that I go look it up right now. Hooray for the internet I found this beautiful article from the San Antonio Parks Dept about leaching tannins and cooking.

As I write this our little pot of acorns is on it’s second boil and we will finish them off in the dehydrator. I love how adventurous the kids are becoming with food. This was 100% their idea I still just wanted the tops ;)