My daughter has turned into a bit of a meat eater and so I have been forced to learn how to cook for her. Since I’m not about to start making roasts and this doesn’t seem to be her favorite thing either we thought jerky might be a good idea. As with any good kitchen project I turned to my cookbooks like The Joy of Cooking and Nourishing Traditions. Neither of which said much that was helpful. Fortunately we live in the age of the internet and it didn’t take more than a Google search to come up with a recipe. A quick note to one of our foodie friends and I was off to the races with my jerky recommendations.

I bought a chuck roast from one of the parents at our school though this isn’t what they recommended it was cheap and this was a test. I soaked the jerky in the brine I made overnight which was our downfall. It was suggested to me to use a salt brine as opposed to the soy sauce and liquid smoke that most online recipes recommended. My brine was WAY too salty and thus so was our jerky. Had I perhaps not soaked it overnight or had a less salty brine our jerky would have been far more palatable.

Being that said it too almost no time to prepare with the dehydrator on high and blowing from both ends within a few hours the meat was dry enough that I felt comfortable storing it which was way sooner than I had expected.

In short this was a successful experiment, if a little salty. They are eating it albeit slower than they would have maybe that’s a good thing! I’ll definitely do it again should a piece of meat enter my life.

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