Tis the season to be butchered…la la…wait sorry.

It’s slaughtering season which means fresh meat. Yum. For someone who was a vegetarian for most of their life I sure do love fresh meat and there is nothing quite like a roasted chicken, except maybe a roasted duck….anyway…

It’s easy. Even I can do it.

In a mini roasting pan put a fresh or thawed chicken that has been rubbed liberally with butter.
Add a 1/2 cup of water, port, wine, vinegar (maybe only a 1/4 cup of vinegar) to the roasting pan.
Put on the lid and place in a 225F oven.
Leave in oven for 6 hours.

The chicken is the most tender juiciest thing you have ever tasted dripping with fat and deliciousness. I put it in before we leave for school in the morning and by the time we’re home it’s done, the house smells like dinner and it’s warm!
We’ve started cutting up the white meat for the cat with some drippings poured over top. Even she seems impartial and I freeze some to give to her at a later date as she can’t eat it all at once.

If time is not on your side you may want to give the cast iron pan method a try. This is easily the fastest, tastiest method hands down to roast a chicken. You should really check out Niki’s great blog Life in Recipes whether you want to try it or not.