Project Parsley.
Ha ha. Not really but I do love the stuff and employ nearly everyone I know to plant it in their yards so that I can eat it when I come over. I’m not even kidding.

I milk a cow for a friend when they go away so that we can have fresh, raw milk. I won’t drink anything else. Neither will my kids. Next project, make some cheese and butter with said milk.

One of my close friends was growing sprouts for the farmers market. Now that is something I could seriously get into. Or grass you know wheat grass like at Booster Juice. Why is it called Booster Juice anyway? They are 90% smoothie it should be called Booster Smoothie. It annoys me. Anyway.
The trouble with spouts for me is that it is a LOT of seed and we buy the seed. It isn’t sustainable. So that is troublesome. I am growing a container of mung beans (I planted left over sprouts from the market) I keep eating them but I wanted to see if they would grow and I could harvest seed. That makes a little more sense.

The chickens are coming. Sounds like a horror movie title. I have eight birds on the way, perhaps not the smartest plan considering I live in a van but I have built them a tractor and they can come with us to random yards. Screw mobile sheep or goats I’ll have mobile chickens.