Checkout this great post from Be Mindful Be Human from their jerky week! Can you say tasty?

That’s all I should have to post. We used the recipe from the Nourishing Traditions cookbook and one of the salmon I was gifted last year. Every time I prepare one of those fish I am compelled toward gratitude and appreciation for this beautiful animal that gave it’s life to feed me. They are gorgeous fish, I can’t believe we are still eating them.

Anyway we have four left, make that three because I just turned one into jerky and it was DELICIOUS. So good. A friend asked if we candied it and my response was what for!? It was so good.

Prep was greatly helped by borrowing a fancy fillet knife something about right tool for the job and such. I cut the fish into long strips and layed them in the racks. I did that after school and by bedtime we were eating it. Man I love that dehydrator. I busted out the thermometer on it earlier this year because I was concerned it wasn’t working right, I was wrong it was.

So my food safety apprehensions have been quickly way-layed after seeing how fast the raw meat dried. Best part my kids are stoked and our lunches consist of jerky, fruit leather and cookies. Take that grocery store.