strawberries-frozenStrawberries are the first fruit that you need to catch if you are going to preserve any sort of quantity of. They come ripe in about the middle of June but are VERY weather depending. If you miss them you are likely out of luck unless you live somewhere that grows the ever bearing variety that produce smaller quantities all summer long. We LOVE strawberries and you can bet that I never miss strawberry season. We almost always head out to a u-pick to save ourselves $1 or more per lb because we buy at least 30lbs of strawberries every year.

Almost all of those strawberries get frozen to use in smoothies and jam if you can believe it. Nearly every smoothie we make around here has strawberries in it. To ensure that they last until next year I split them up into 10-11 ziplock bags and label them with the month we are going to use them in. Once the strawberries for that month are gone, they are gone. This seems to work really well for us and sometimes we even find that in April or May we have a bunch of November or October strawberries to use up!

Strawberries get frozen on trays first and then put into bags afterwards. This prevents clumping and a giant block of strawberries in the freezer. I even actually lay the ziplock bags flat in the freezer as well to maximize storage space. It can get pretty crowded in there come October!

If smoothies aren’t your thing and you have a dehydrator strawberries are just about the tastiest dehydrated fruit going. Make sure you hide that jar from the kids though or they will burn through your precious store in no time flat! I know, it’s happened to us more than once.