I don’t normally can in July or August. It’s just too darn hot to have the stove on that much. Most of my summer preserving is done with the dehydrator on a table outside. One day I will find a man handy enough and who loves me enough to build me a solar dehydrator but until that day I use the electric variety.

However this year has been unseasonably – um – damp, which would make solar dehydration a little bit tricky. A conversation with a friend revealed the fact that I have never had canned cherries.

It just so happens that there is a very large cherry tree in my yard. Last week we picked cherries, a lot of cherries, more cherries than I have probably ever picked in my life. And get this there were quadruple cherries! You know how cherries grow in those nice little pairs or even triples? This tree had quads. There was even a quintuple cherry that my daughter picked in tact.

<< I took a picture as proof.

The plan was to can. And can we did. I’ve never canned cherries before so this was all new to me. I think we may have boiled them a bit long in the syrup, the first batch went smoothly but then organization went out the window and boys started playing with lego there really was just too much going on in the kitchen. Regardless we got the batch off, on a rainy cool day so my house was cozy instead of sweltering which was admittedly quite nice.

My kids want a cherry pie so I guess we’ll be cracking the first jar soon. Here’s hoping they turned out alright.


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