Our affiliations with food fascinate me. What we eat, when we eat, how we choose it, historically and on an individual basis are all things that I (pardon the pun) am hungry to learn.

I do not eat very much. It’s not a diet or weight thing, I certainly eat when I am hungry I just am so darn busy that I don’t have opportunity to eat a whole lot. Apparently this is a common theme among those who work with the land. This weekend I had the opportunity to chat with one of my favorite local farmers, at a music festival of all places, and apparently his primary diet in the summer is beer! Ha! We are fortunate in this valley to have a very special, organic, local brewery. The couple who run it are as passionate about food as they are about the ingredients that go into their beer and they grow virtually everything themselves. A dark stout called the Backhand of God is my fav and apparently Urs’s main diet!

Mine is raw milkshakes and parsley salad. My daughter’s is eggs and tomatoes. My son… well I honestly don’t know what he eats because he doesn’t eat anything! I think it’s granola and milk. None of us eats that much. This past weekend my daughter and I went to a small music festival quite near us. We’ve been going for several years and never miss it simply because so many of our friends are there and it is such a beautiful event.

Over the course of the weekend I probably saw my daughter for an hour. She ran around in a pack of anywhere from three to a dozen kids from the moment she had downed her breakfast (an egg and a pancake). “She takes pride in being different from you, hey” commented one of the artists I was chatting with on the grass at one point. That made me think. She does. Absolutely. And she is a truly unique child, similar to me in some ways and completely different in others.

Another friend commented that he saw me very little over the weekend but saw plenty of my daughter. I probably saw more music than any of my festival friends, save for those who MC’d the main stages. But even those performances that we all attended I separated myself, choosing to dance alone, apart from the group rather than with it. When I read a book on the beach I didn’t read it on our beach (we had a sweet campsite thanks Ang!!) but instead wandered to the other side of the festival, where I knew no one, and layed out my blanket.

One could point all sorts of introspective and psychological fingers at this to tell me why I may do such a thing however my reasons are simple. No one will bug me alone. When I am alone I don’t have to wait for someone else, have them interrupt during the best song, or sentence, or worry that I may have offended them. By myself I can be me, completely in the moment, no distractions. Silent. Observing. Listening. I love to listen. I am learning to ask questions. You have to be brave to ask questions. It helps that I am genuinely curious about the answers.