swiss chardFarmers Market in May sees the first heads of lettuce. Those fresh salads continue to taste so good after the many months of going without. Baby greens are still tender and delicious, even the weeds are sweet in May. Asparagus comes about halfway through May and the potato farmers have stored their tenderest baby potatoes for you to enjoy this spring. Radishes start to appear this month and it may be the only time of year I am grateful to see a radish, spicy and sweet so full of life. Swiss chard will be big enough this month to enjoy and even see some of those beautiful colorful stalks.

If you are a tomato grower you can get your starts this month from those diligent farmers who started back in February I’ve even seen flowers on plants this early. Make sure you protect those tender shoots!

You should be cleaning out your pantry this month and finding all those forgotten things you stored back in September and October because summer will be along soon enough and you won’t want to eat last years preserves when this years harvest comes in! We often find peach and pear preserves a welcome delicious treat as we eagerly anticipate summer fruits. The last of our dried kale gets tossed into soups that now have sides of salad and meals start to take on a distinct green tinge as we replenish our vitamin stores. Jars of tomato sauce and frozen tomatoes do still have to last us a few more months as it won’t be until August that we start seeing the Romas appear again.