We are on the go a lot and as a result I am tempted quite often to opt for food that is quick and easy and convenient.

The result is that we eat a lot of raw, whole food. Breakfast has been changed from granola to rolled oats soaked overnight. In the morning we add dried grapes (aka raisins) and cherries or perhaps some canned peaches or pears and top it off by stirring in a spoonful of honey. As it has warmed up and the green house food has arrived in the markets we’ve been adding a salad of cutup cucumbers and tomatoes to that breakfast.

Lunch is pretty much apples, cheese and RyeVita crackers. The apples are winter store from a local orchard and the cheese is raw cheese from a local dairy which we were fortunate to discover and is truly delicious.

Since it has warmed up and I’ve lost my root cellar we’ve lost a lot of potatoes to the heat and so what was only a short while ago our staple food has been dropping off and replaced with soaked whole grain rice or soaked beans and lentils.
I still have a freezer with greens from last season that we have been adding to our simple meals which are cooked briefly on our stove to warm them. Also I made a huge batch of chili in the fall which I froze into jars and has served me really well when I need a quick, easy meal.

The rhubarb has come up and we are making a tasty treat of blueberry rhubarb cobbler almost daily with last years frozen blueberries, some rolled oats, a little fresh ground flour and a whole lotta honey!

Truly that is pretty much our diet right now. I am eager to have fresh fruit again as it warms and there are more and more delights at the markets each week. We will soon be taking some trips to the interior and islands where the growing seasons are slightly ahead of ours. You can bet we will be all over enjoying the fruits of their labours as the first outdoor greens, mushrooms, berries and more arrive.