Celebrating Yule

A modern day guide to an ancient Pagan holiday. I honestly know nothing about Yule and I don’t think anyone does. That’t the thing about Pagans, there isn’t really much we know about them outside of folklore and speculation. Everything I know about being a Pagan comes from deep within Read more…

Going Moneyless in a Failing Economy

My daughter says when she is grown up there is going to be no money.

I say all the power to her. “Money is the root of all evil” or so it goes. Think about what you could do with your life and your days if it did not revolve around getting a paycheque to ‘pay the bills’. It is tryly a hard thing for people to conceive and wrap their heads around. I mean we have been raised in this reality and another is sometimes thought of simply not possible. But what if we all worked together? Or for each other for the benefit of the community instead of for some obscure corporation or ‘the man’. What if I tended your children while you fixed my car? What if Susan down the street made our clothes while Henry from next door grew potatoes for our supper? What if the world rolled back about 150 years and we started again, tried again.

Ok, obviously it is not as simple as that but one has to start somewhere right? My vote is for the change to come from within the communities. People, populations are vehicles for substantial amounts of change though we are sometimes often led to believe that this isn’t true it truly is. We are powerful. We are creators. We are the people.

So I have a profession and services to offer occasionally even stuff and I am sure you do too. Heck we all do. What if we had more time to help each other out? Start small. Do what you can for your neighbours and ask them to return the favour. Build the community and the resources we have right at our fingertips.

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Reduce and Reuse

Freecycle is quite possibly one of the greatest sites going in that it connects the local community in a way that is completely unique – everything is FREE. Post what you want or what you have and someone from your community or better yet your neighbourhood will come and get Read more…