Baby Greens Salad

Photo credit Gourmet Centric
Look at this delicious bowl of greens from Gourmet Centric. This isn’t even the salad it’s just one of the ingredients in the delicious duck confit Julie made. She really is inspiring and you ought to check out her blog sometime. Drool.

A huge salad for lunch has got to be one of my guilty pleasures in life. Curling up into a chair with a book, a bowl and a fork is a daily source of joy and nourishment.

Today my salad consisted of baby greens, salad turnips, radishes and carrots from my back yard and my CSA box. Topped with chopped walnuts from our Rancho Vignola order. My dressing was made with Made with Love Crimson Love, kombucha and sunflower oil. I haven’t figured out yet what to use in place of the fancy oils we buy for salad dressings.

While I chop greens for my salad I learn a new song. I try to learn one a week but sometimes I am slow. ┬áThis week it is The Dreamer by The Tallest Man on Earth because the man I love thinks it’s a fun one┬áto play on the guitar.

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What’s at market in April?

baby greensThe farmers market opens up mid April in many cities around the Okangan. Mine is no exception. The vendors never cease to amaze me with the bounty that they carefully tend in these precarious early weeks to delight the seasonal shopper.

Baby greens are mostly what you will find fresh these days but oh are they ever so tasty after a winter of frozen spinach and dried kale. Baby beet greens are tender enough to eat raw. Tender onions can be found towards the end of the month and your local garlic grower carefully stored the best cloves to bring you this spring. Jerusalem artichokes or sunchokes can be dug now that the ground has thawed these can be sliced to eat like carrots in those first spring salads.

If you are a wild harvester April is the time of year for stinging nettle, fiddle-heads and wild mushrooms. Be sure to be gentle to your wild environment so that your favorite wild foods can be enjoyed for years to come.

If you stored food from last year you might be clearing out the last of your winter squash from your root cellar and there might be some shallots hiding in the bottom of that bag of skins. We are still enjoying apples from our apple share and the last of the cabbage has kept happily in the back of the fridge.