Fancy Simple Chicken Dinner

Tonight we made a belated Father’s Day dinner. I had wanted to finish it off with a cherry pie ironically I’ve been too overwhelmed with cherries to accomplish it!

Look at this gorgeous roast chicken from see how it looks flat? That is a juicy tender chicken right there. I bet it falls right to pieces. Check out the stellar instructions over on their blog.

Our roasted chicken cost $16 at the market this weekend. I cooked it in a roaster with about 1/4cup of water in the bottom and sprinkled a few herbs on top. Lid on and in the oven at lunch time at 200C makes for a juicy tender chicken by dinner and the house doesn’t get hot because the oven is on low.

I sliced several beets and steamed them briefly while I chopped carrots and garlic scapes for a salad and made a simple wild rice risotto to go along with it. I sautéed shallots and scapes with some butter then added two different kinds of rice. My wild rice comes from Naosap Harvest in Manitoba, did you know we grow rice here in Canada? Pretty neat huh? The brown rice comes from my organic buying co-op. We go through roughly 25lbs or rice per year.

Photo credit Food and Spice Blog
Check out this tasty looking salad from Lisa’s Kitchen. She has a fancy beet salad recipe over on her blog.

What’s at Market in June?

green peasJune sees the return of many of my vegetable favorites baby carrots, beets & potatoes first come out of the ground this month. Green onions can be found in abundance with radishes along side them. If you have had a warm enough spring peas make their first appearance at markets sometime this month and are a fleeting treat that is well worth the cost. We have never bothered freezing peas but do enjoy them when they are in season. Lettuce increases in variety and in size and the cabbage lover will probably find a small fresh head in someone’s stand.

Strawberries are the highlight of this months fruit basket with those delicious tender fruits appearing just as the last of the asparagus fades away.

I always find June a tricky month for cooking as it’s not quite warm enough for summer salads but no longer cool enough for winter soups and heavy dishes. Grilled vegetables becomes a quick favorite with the fresh baby vegetables bringing a new taste to the tired roasted root vegetable casserole of winter. We opt for lighter quicker cooking cuts of meat than the roasts from a few months prior the first batches of spring chickens are often found at market this month.