Forgotten Traditions

I am now the proud owner of one of the most valuable cookbooks known to the foodie crowd. Nourishing Traditions is a book that defies convention and steps way outside the box when it comes to the vast majority of our cooking habits. And while I may not agree with Read more…

mmmm Cheese.

I love cheese. There is nothing as good in the world as potatoes covered in parsley, butter and cheese. And as of last week I can make all of the above happen in the space of my backyard. Life does not get much better than that. Had I known how easy it was to make cream cheese from raw milk it is likely that I never would have bothered to do anything else with it so perhaps it is for the best that this discovery took until now to make. (more…)

Thought for Food

This is an excerpt from a very good book that anyone who cares about their food ought to give a read:

“Can you think of any sector of our culture that promotes its wares with a slogan like ‘we pile it high and sell it cheap’? Any other sector of our economy would commit suicide with such a slogan…except for food. Why is that? I submit that we as a culture completely disrespect the 3 trillion critter in our digestive tract that cry out for quality of life while we cram quantity of junk down their collective gullet.