Photo credit Be Mindful be human

Salmon Jerky


Checkout this great post from Be Mindful Be Human from their jerky week! Can you say tasty?

That’s all I should have to post. We used the recipe from the Nourishing Traditions cookbook and one of the salmon I was gifted last year. Every time I prepare one of those fish I am compelled toward gratitude and appreciation for this beautiful animal that gave it’s life to feed me. They are gorgeous fish, I can’t believe we are still eating them. (more…)

A Gift of Salmon

I have had a truck for sale for the past few months. The truck doesn’t run and has been sitting since I moved here. It successfully got my horses here and hasn’t started since. Well for me anyway. Apparently it will start if you lay a screwdriver over the solonoid. What does salmon have to do with my truck you might ask? (more…)