Summer Diets

Our affiliations with food fascinate me. What we eat, when we eat, how we choose it, historically and on an individual basis are all things that I (pardon the pun) am hungry to learn.

I do not eat very much. It’s not a diet or weight thing, I certainly eat when I am hungry I just am so darn busy that I don’t have opportunity to eat a whole lot. Apparently this is a common theme among those who work with the land. This weekend I had the opportunity to chat with one of my favorite local farmers, at a music festival of all places, and apparently his primary diet in the summer is beer! Ha! (more…)

Whole Food Without the Kitchen

We are on the go a lot and as a result I am tempted quite often to opt for food that is quick and easy and convenient.

The result is that we eat a lot of raw, whole food. Breakfast has been changed from granola to rolled oats soaked overnight. In the morning we add dried grapes (aka raisins) and cherries or perhaps some canned peaches or pears and top it off by stirring in a spoonful of honey. As it has warmed up and the green house food has arrived in the markets we’ve been adding a salad of cutup cucumbers and tomatoes to that breakfast.