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Eggs & Greens

This is a staple breakfast of mine largely because it is so simple and all of the ingredients are always in my home. PrintEggs & Greens Ingredients2-4 eggs handful of greens (spinach, kale, chard, etc.) butter for cooking sea salt & ground pepper to tasteInstructionsWarm pan, add butter, crack eggs, scatter Read more…

Whole Food Without the Kitchen

We are on the go a lot and as a result I am tempted quite often to opt for food that is quick and easy and convenient.

The result is that we eat a lot of raw, whole food. Breakfast has been changed from granola to rolled oats soaked overnight. In the morning we add dried grapes (aka raisins) and cherries or perhaps some canned peaches or pears and top it off by stirring in a spoonful of honey. As it has warmed up and the green house food has arrived in the markets we’ve been adding a salad of cutup cucumbers and tomatoes to that breakfast.

Real Milk + Fresh Eggs + Plenty of Parsley = :)

Project Parsley.
Ha ha. Not really but I do love the stuff and employ nearly everyone I know to plant it in their yards so that I can eat it when I come over. I’m not even kidding.

I milk a cow for a friend when they go away so that we can have fresh, raw milk. I won’t drink anything else. Neither will my kids. Next project, make some cheese and butter with said milk.

Amazing Honey

I have recently started to substitute honey for white and brown sugar in my recipes. Half of the required sugar is the measurement of honey that I have been using. 1 cup white sugar = 1/2 cup honey Honey is amazing!! If you want soft chewy cookies that stay like Read more…